Author: Hollisa Alewine


In this teaching we cover one of the commandments about caring for the less fortunate such as the Widow and Orphan. There is a familiar adage about “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat today; teach him how to fish and he’ll eat every day.” In other words, a gift merely strengthens the weakness (unless the person is disabled or too young or old to work). A loan to an able-bodied Israelite holds the obligation to repay, and therefore, the recipient learns money management that will strengthen him in the future. He, too, can then “loan it forward.” Here we discuss why Babylon says “I will not sit as a widow.”

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DR HOLLISA ALEWINE – BO (A Dragon Out of Water)

In past episodes, we established that Pharaoh is the metaphor of the dragon and Egypt the ”seas” or “waters” of the world. While a crocodile can live out of water, it is not his domain, or kingdom. He needs a proxy. Join us for a study into the dragon out of water and the three cups of Pharaoh as we explore the Torah Portion “BO”

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