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The Torah portions Mattot/Masei hold two commandments that at first glance, are unrelated. At second glance, they both instruct Israel about blood revenge. In the case of the Midianites who seduced Israel to idolatry and sexual immorality, “Moses spoke to the people, saying, ‘Arm men from among you for the war, that they may go against Midian to execute the Lord’s vengeance on Midian.'” (Nu 31:3)

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In this program Dr. Hollisa Alewine teaches about the two “B’s” of Magic and how the occult works as we uncover who Bilaam and Balak were in this week’s Torah Portion.

Jewish sages believe that BOTH Balak and Bilaam were sorcerers. Balak was the greatest magician in Moav. He was called Balak ben Tzippor, they believe, because he was proficient at an ancient magic in which the forces of tum’a (from tamei, impurity) could be manipulated by crafting the image of a bird (tzippor) from gold (head), silver (beak), and copper (wings), etc. and then assembling each part at a specified time of day.

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Twice in the wilderness a rock is prompted to bring forth water to drink. In Chukkat, Moses and Aaron make a huge mistake that seems like a minor one. Instead of speaking to the Rock as instructed, they strike the Rock as they did the first time. This brings us to the Bible study tip of the week. Miracles ARE repeated, but they are not performed the same way twice. Perhaps this is why in this Torah Portion Chukkat we begin to understand why it is that righteous people die.

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DR HOLLISA ALEWINE – KORACH (Beating a Dead Horse)

When we lose the big picture, it’s easy to cool off spiritually. In this week’s Torah Portion “Korach,” Korah and his rebels had cooled off even after the great experience at Sinai. Because the Israelites couldn’t stand to hear more than the Ten Words, they had to trust Moses when he gave them additional instructions. That, however, was the playing field of suspicion on the part of the rebels. It was another authority “snake test” of “Did God really say…?

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