Author: Daniel Knudsen

6.29.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~WakeUp-Ron and Daniel

  News headlines discussed: • UN official blames Israel for Palestinian men’s violence against women; but world data show she’s wrong—Islamic doctrine accounts for the vast majority of domestic violence. • President Erdogan has seized 50 churches in Turkey • Swedish national police chief: crime is rampant in 61 Islamic ‘no-go zones’ • Protesters picket Qatari embassy at Washington • Texas Bill 89 prohibits state from doing business with BDS firms • Frank Gaffney’s Team Jihad e-book outlines Leftist alliance with Jihad   What do we believe? Whom do we believe? Messiah quoted Isaiah: “Well has Isaiah said, ‘These people honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.” Dan Holdings recounted a conversation with a Believer who insisted that “I’ve got my rights!” “Do we have rights?” asked Dan. And he answered himself: “No, not if you love Him. A Bond-servant has no rights. He is a bond-servant. Why? Because he has said he loves his Master. The Israelites refused to enter the land because ‘they had the right to’… so they wandered for 40 years in the wilderness.” Ron recalled a Trinity Western University professor—and historian—whose study of American history revealed that “with a handful—a remnant—who are motivated by love, God can change the world.” A paper by Dr. Ken Davis entitled The 4% Solution reported that in the early days of the American...

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6.27.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

Is there any room for altered states in the body of believers? By this, the 3 Wise Guys get specific with marijuana and alcohol use by asking an even larger question, “If we are called to be a royal priesthood, how can we truly intercede for another if we are high?” Join the 3 Wise Guys as they explore the Spiritual Drink of the Messiah, deeds of our flesh, how to behave properly, and searching for root causes of our pain. In turn, they ask if there is really a time for intoxication and what do followers of the...

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6.22.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~WakeUp-Ron and Daniel

Wakeup! for June 22, 2017 Dan and Ron began with a discussion of Dr. Michael Brown’s on-line article: Can America’s universities be saved?, a chapter of his forthcoming book Saving a Sick America: A Prescription for Moral and Cultural Transformation. Dan: The sabotage of our education is the result of two primal causes: •The fallen nature of man; and • A deliberate plan of the left. Ron: Charlotte Iserbyte described it accurately in the title of her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. The history of the nation as it is being taught is very different from the...

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6.20.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

What is fellowship, how is it defined, and why do we seek it out? The Wise Guys explore this question by exploring 1 John 1, where John describes what he and the apostles have seen and give witness to; after which, an invitation to come into fellowship is given. To further explore the idea of congregational gatherings, The Wise Guys invite two fellowship leaders from surrounding areas with different backgrounds to share their testimony of how they began the concept of fellowship. They describe their need of YHWH, listening to His direction and then moving forward in ministry. You...

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