Author: Daniel Knudsen

9.19.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

Are the words of Paul for instruction or are they only advice? There are many Torah believing Hebrews who discredit Paul by giving him only commentary status, but is this beneficial and is it true?  The Wise Guys dive into the topic by exploring the Apostle Paul’s background: Where did he come from?  How was he called into the Ministry and Who called him?  Did the Apostles accept him as a true teacher of Torah?  And finally, are his words “scriptural?”  Join the Wise Guys as they open up the book of Acts as well as many other books...

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9.12.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

Where is YHWH in the midst of pain and trial.  Currently, atheists are using the argument of God’s absence during trials as proof that there is no God.  So the Wise Guys felt it necessary to discuss this very important question, especially in the light of current disasters.  To help explore this lack of faith problem, God’s existence, and His presence in our daily lives, the Wise Guys read from the books of Job, Deuteronomy, and Hebrews.  To their dismay they found that it might be ok to argue with YHWH, to cry to Him, and yes to even...

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9.5.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

“To the ends of the earth, we are to be a light” Acts. 13:47. This is a command! So today, the Wise Guys ask, “How does this work and what does it look like?” To explore the topic, they interview Max Lawson all the way from “down under” who just happened to meet one of the Wise Guys in London on a Yah ordained event. Max’s inspiring testimony of being a new man in the Messiah. . . , learning to listen and share with others moved today’s conversation in the right direction. Besides Max, the Wise Guys interview...

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