Author: Daniel Knudsen

3.6.18~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

What is the State of the Hebrew Union (Nation)? Are we/you doing OK? As we confront perceptions on “what is Hebrew,” the Wise Guys wonder out loud about how we label ourselves when we are in public, how we relate to others, and how we share the message of Torah while uplifting the Messiah. You will hear fascinating responses to these questions from some very special callers: Anny Reed, host of Shabbat Night Live, Steve Moutria from, Ben Olsen, actor and film maker, John Robinson professional consultant, and Cindy Wyant, co-founder of Hebrew Nation Radio. Listen in as...

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2.27.18~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

Music, Music, Music!  How does it affect us personally?  What is the spirit of music and what are it’s Biblical roots?  Join the Wise Guys as they interview Robert Randall, an educator, composer, and producer of albums such as “That Perfect Moment” and Classical Ba-Roke Musician.”  Throughout the program, the Wise Guys not only play some of Robert’s music, but learn how music is “instrumental” in leading us towards the heart of YHWH. . . , helping us to edify, exhort, and to be prayerful in the body of Messiah.  Robert’s passion towards Hebrew instruments and their relation to...

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2.20.18~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

Do you really believe that your life was created for a reason? If so, what is the reason and what are you doing to be a part of God’s plan? Join the Wise Guys as they fight gloom, despair and agony—turning instead to purpose and words from YHWH which declare, “I have plans for you.” Ted Noun, author of “If Not for the Love of God,” gives his testimony on how Yah used his life to inspire others. Being conceived from a case of incest and rape, Ted never thought his life would amount to much. Given up for...

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2.13.18~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

Seriously! Can we put on the Armor of Yah practically? Is it more than words or spiritual speech? If so, how do we put His Armor on? Join the Wise Guys and those that called in—to hear how we can prepare to fight the schemes of Satan. As many of you know, YHWH calls those who have heard His Voice into action or practice as proven in the Torah through Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Moses etc. But did you know that the advice in Ephesian 6 is no different? The apostle Paul writes about this action of putting on armor...

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1.23.18~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

The apostle Peter reminds us to cast our cares, anxiety, concerns on the Father. But what do we do about health care? What do we do about caring for our friends, family, and fellowships? Join the Wise Guys as they talk to Amanda Wilton the Communications Director for Samaritan Healthcare Ministries. In this conversation, you will find answers to all those questions you have been dying to ask when it comes to healthcare programs that follow the Biblical model of sharing. Is it really health care? Will your bills be paid? How do you help others? The list is...

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