Author: Daniel Knudsen

5.23.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

Should believers in YHWH plan for tomorrow while living for today? If they are, what would it look like? How does planning relate to our use of health insurance, jobs versus career, evangelism versus keeping to oneself? Join the Wise Guys as they start to explore this topic of planning. To help in the area of insurance, The Wise Guys talk with Anthony Hopp, the VP for external relations with Samaritan Ministries International, a health insurance company that likes to model itself after the church as mentioned in the book of Acts. The Wise Guys also bring together a...

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5.18.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~WakeUp-Perry, Ron and Daniel

Wakeup! for May 18, 22017 Today’s program started with a review of some incredible headlines: • A terrorist—a so-called ‘Palestinian’ (really a non-resident Jordanian)—convicted of six murders in 1980, has been elected mayor of Hebron! On the Hebrew calendar, he was elected exactly 37 years to the day after the murders, which took place on Iyar 7 (May 2, 1980) • Germany is now confiscating empty homes to renovate (at the owners’ expense) and use to house migrants. • Hamza bin Laden, son of the infamous Osama, has called for world-wide attacks on American, Western, & NATO targets, wherever...

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5.11.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~Wakeup-Perry, Ron and Daniel

Dry Bones! Come Alive! Hebrew Nation Fundraiser 2017 What an Amazing Time to be Alive! Hebrew Nation was created by YHVH for such a time as this! What time is it? It is the time that was prophesied when Ephraim would wake up in the nations and remember who he was. It is the time when followers of Yeshua as Messiah, would love Him in not only word, but in deed also as they turn back to the Father and begin to keep His Torah. It is the time when: The Dry Bones Come To Life! And as these...

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5.9.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

Are you struggling with your marriage?  Have you wanted to know the “secrets of the trade” in keeping your marriage together? Join the Wise Guys as they interview Rick & Jill, a couple who have maintained a loving and healthy marriage for over 41 years. Believe the Wise Guys when they say that you will be encouraged in your relationships after listening to this show!  Practical advice on how to make a marriage work is given through transparent stories and examples.  Biblical principles are also given so that you can move forward in confidence.  May you be blessed.

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5.4.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~WakeUp-Perry, Ron and Daniel

Wakeup! for May 4, 2017 Daniel Holdings and Ron Gray reviewed some of the headline news: 1 – Israel’s population is now 8.7 million An Israel newspaper claims Trump will recognize all of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital during his trip later 2 – Abbas is telling lies to Trump, like “We’re raising out children in a culture of peace.” 3 – The new Hamas charter is trying to fool the world: it continues to deny Israel’s right to exist, insists on an “Islamic Palestine from River to the Sea” and the “right of return” for refugees and their descendants—most...

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