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EPISODE DESCRIPTION In this episode of “the Way” we take a look at what is going on today in Prophecy and just where we are at according to scripture. Some say we are in the last 7 years. Some say we are already in the tribulation. This is different than the last message I gave about Prophecy. I actually gave this message this before the one I did in Answers to the Scriptures about “What has to happens before the Tribulation Starts”.  Are any of these things true that people are saying right now about where we are at...

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 Description: Do you TZitzit? Can women wear them too or are they just for men? Some pastors teach they are just for Men. Should both Men and Women wear them or is this something that was only done before the Renewed Covenant? Now for some this message is speaking to the choir for others it will be a new message that you have never heard. I give my personal testimony on how I became so personally convicted to wear TZitzit’s/Tassels on the four corners of my garments. I have never shared this before on “Radio or Social Media”. Let...

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  Episode Description: In this episode of “the Way” we jump into what scripture says about being circumcised. Pro’s cons and there are some scriptures that can be confusing at times, because they speak against Circumcision and make it sound like there is a different set of rules for the Gentiles as there is for everyone else. How do we discern between the scriptures that tell us to do this and the scriptures that tell us not to do this? Well we are going to sort it all out and you will have a better understanding of this subject when...

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The Way 6/16/17 Heaven, Hell and the Immortal Soul 2

In this edifying episode of “the Way” we dive into the second part of a 2 part series. If you missed the first part it is no big deal, but you can go back and listen to part 1. In this episode I still cover all three parts of these so important aspects and pieces to the puzzle that we must look at to get the clear picture for mankind’s life after death. We can’t just look at anyone of these and get a clear understanding especially the way the world portrays them. So, get ready for another edifying...

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Proving Passover “the Way”

In this episode of “the Way” we dive deep into all the scriptures that show us the true day to keep the Passover and why it is a High Day. This is the second Passover message I have given, but in this one I give more scriptures then I did in the last one and come at it from a little different point of view. I hope you enjoy it, you glean from it and it is edifying for you! Much Love and Shalom to all, Brother...

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