Wakeup! for Feb. 23, 2017

Perry Gerhart, Dan Holdings and Ron Gray opened the program by discussing the recent rash of Ba’al worship—replicas of the Roman arch at Palmyra, Syria erected at London, near Ground Zero in New York City, and at the “World Government” congress in Dubai.

Perry said “I’ve seen the gates, the portals, in a vision: there are angels there… it all goes back to Baal worship. But the earth is YHVH’s, and all it contains.”

Ron mentioned efforts to combat the BDS, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic events on university and colleges campuses, and in many mainline churches.

Dan said, “It’s hand-to-hand combat… YHVH showed me the spiritual world and how it affects the material world… there are portals: other-dimensional realms adjacent to our 3-D (or 4-D, with time) world… the effects we have on this side of the veil—it’s spiritual warfare; the enemy hates that, because they’re hearing it.”

Perry told us about an event near Philadelphia March 8, called “Judah rising” a 3-day gathering…

Today’s guest was Merv Watson, one of the founders of the International Christian Embassy at Jerusalem (ICEJ) almost 40 years ago, when noted musicians Merv and Merla Watson called for the first Christian celebration of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, at Jerusalem. Merv reported on the evacuation of the community of Amona, in Samaria (“It’s not fair to call them ‘settlers’; some have been there 15 years… they’re a lot of seriously religious Jews who have a mandate to occupy the country. Jews are named for Judea, their ancestral homeland. The 200-350,000 people who are ‘settling’ there give up the comforts of home to establish a place on a hillside, where people try to kill them as they go up, nearly 2 miles from water!”); The influence of the Left of Israeli politics (“Courts don’t make law, they execute it.”); the tiny size of Israel compared to the land available to its Arab neighbors (“They’ve got 12 million square miles; Israel has only 8,000!”; and the futility of Europe trying to restore the order that existed before they invited a million Muslim ‘refugees’ (“Merkel is trying to send 80,000 back’ how is she going to do that?”)

He also described some of the medical and technological advances that Israel has given the world recently through more than 3,800 ‘start-ups’.

“There’s no better place to live and raise children,” said Merv Watson. “The food is all sun-ripened, not picked green and injected with chemicals to make it look ripe.”

Merv Watson is a voice of sanity from Jerusalem. We hope to hear more front-line reports from him.