Technocracy. Are we REALLY free or are we becoming slaves to a ruling elite? Are our freedoms being restricted, one small step at a time through an appeal to our humanity? What do we do to stop it and to extract ourselves from this web or can we even? The Wise Guys ask YHWH to guide them in translating Shemoth (Exodus) 1:6-14, and B’reshith (Genesis) 41:41 into positive action steps for each of us today.

The Wise Guys speak with author and internationally syndicated talk show host Josh Tolley ( in the second hour to approach this problem head on. It’s about time that we start thinking differently and allow The Holy One to lead us into freedom. Are you an employee feeling trapped by the whims of the organization for which you work? Are you a business person who “bought” a job or, are you an Entrepreneur who is breaking free from the bonds of servitude? Wow. Feel the energy in this exciting broadcast and listen in. Josh can also be reached through his website

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