Today’s Wakeup! program proved the benefit of having an international staff: Co-host Ron Gray warned of an ominous development in Canada’s Parliament: a vote is being taken today on a motion to affirm government action to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.” When the motion was voted on last week, only one Member of Parliament opposed it! Second and third reading today could pave the way for a law against “Islamophobia”! The word is not defined, but it was first coined by the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA as a device to eliminate any criticism of Islam. Pray against this “creeping Islamism” in Canada and the U.S.

Canada also plans to spend “millions more” on border security: Somali migrants to Minnesota, having been refused refugee status in America, have been streaming across the border into Manitoba by the dozens.

• In a survey in Israel, including Judea and Samaria, a majority of Israelis, but only 44% of Palestinians, still favor a “2-state solution”. President Trump has said that it doesn’t matter to him whether a two-state solution or some other plan brings peace—as long as there’s peace.

• Merv Watson reported from Jerusalem”
In Amona, a settlement in Judea: IDF and Israeli police removed 25 families, some of whom had lived there for 15 years. Land title in Israel is confusing, because some deeds are certified by the Israeli government or the IDF Security forces; others date back to the British Mandate for Palestine; still others are from the Ottoman Empire. The new Regulation Act establishes that when a home has been built in the belief that the land title was good, if it subsequently proves to be owned by a Palestinian, the owner will be compensated with 125% of the assessed value of the land. Previously, the home would have been ordered by the Israeli courts to be demolished.

Merv told us that since the BDS movement began three years ago, the Gross Domestic Product of Israel has doubled.

“When goods are labeled as being from the ‘West Bank’,” he said, “there is an initial decrease in sales; but customer nations soon learn that the Israeli goods are better, and they start looking for the West Bank’ labels.”

When Soda Stream was forced by BDS to relocate from Samaria to Israel, there was—ironically—a loss of 800 jobs for ‘Palestinian’ workers.

Another success story is that about 75 percent of Druze volunteer to serve in the IDF; Druze have lost about 300 men in Israel’s various defensive wars.

Bedouins, because their children have been given a good education by Israel, are now mostly working at non-agricultural jobs, and are building homes on ancient land-sites. Recently a Bedouin became an IDF colonel.

Dan commented: “The Israelis’ positive attitude in the midst of being under siege is amazing… the average Israeli has a positive outlook. They’re aware of what’s going on, but they don’t live in fear… they feel a sense of purpose in being in their land.”

Ron recommended that listeners get Joan Peters’ book From Time Immemorial. Peters, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist from New York, had originally intended to write a book about the “poor Palestinians”, whom she believed had lived in the region “from time immemorial”—hence the book title. But when she went to the Middle East to research the roots of the conflict, her opinion changed 180o. “She found that the Israeli claim to the land was far stronger than that of any of the so-called ‘Palestinians’,” Ron said. “The book is one of the most thoroughly researched on the subject, and everyone should read it.”