Author: Daniel Knudsen

6.13.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

Join the Wise Guys as they go down an interesting journey of, “What is Religion in Comparison to Faith?” The topic was raised during a discussion of what it means to be religious in specific regards to a person’s leaning, i.e. “Are you more Christian or more Jewish?” Consequently, the question of faith identity and its relation to religion was raised. In today’s world, the word “religion” often receives a bad rap. People can at times say they are not religious in order to sound more open minded. Whereas, the word “faith” receives stronger approval among public and church...

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6.8.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~WakeUp-Ron and Daniel

Wakeup! for June 8, 2017 Ron opened the program by reading Ezekiel 11:14-21; and Dan responded with Isaiah 44:5 —both affirming God’s promises to Israel. Dan recounted (briefly) the story of his coming to faith: a car wreck, caused by drinking and driving… No DUI (so no article 15 discharge from the Air Force), but he was charged with reckless driving. “The cop had mercy,” he says. “When I was patched up they sent me to a drug and alcohol class. Limping around the hallways; I stumbled on a box of books… I fished one out whose title appealed...

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6.6.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show-3Wise Guys

Are you discouraged in your business? Do you think your business is your own or is it God’s? How do you feel about being a steward for YHWH and His work? Can you balance work and still carry a strong relationship with the Creator? Bill Job from Business as a Mission ( , is a welcomed guest with the 3 Wise Guys. Along with scriptures from Acts 2, I Cor. 10:31, and Philippians 4:19, Bill and the Wise Guys discuss how YHWH (God) can be in charge of our life business. Answers are given on what it takes to...

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6.1.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~WakeUp-Perry, Ron and Daniel

Wakeup! for June 1, 2017 News digest: • Five things we can learn from Manchester bombing by Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project look for hubs in Islamist networks Islamists who condemn ISIS are still part of the problem; learn what mosques are teaching We must dismantle the ideological infrastructure teaching radicalism Anti-Islamists are our allies, not ‘moderate’ Islamists Western security agencies aren’t up to speed • ‘Aravrit’ new typeface, can be read by both Arabic- and Hebrew-speakers… the tops of the letters are Arabic, bottoms are Ivrit Guest: Merv Watson from Jerusalem Ron: Times of Israel reports that...

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