Author: Daniel Knudsen

8.15.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

“Kingdom Attitude during Change” How do we maintain an attitude of gratitude towards our Creator during seasons of change? Is it possible to still praise The King when our life’s landscape seems uncertain? The Wise Guys approach this topic by briefly exploring King David’s journey to becoming King of Israel in I Samuel 15-17. The Wise Guys also call on Don & Cindy Wyant the founders of Hebrew Nation Radio to better understand a Kingdom perspective when experiencing the peaks and valleys of ministry. You won’t want to miss this show, as Don & Cindy give testimony of their...

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8.8.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

Join and listen to numerous testimonies from callers who talk about their beginning steps in following Biblical truth. After calling in, the Wise Guys ask personal questions such as; “How did your life change when you became a seeker, what are some of your challenges, what do you do when you can’t find an answer, what does your study time look like and what are your methods, has it been easy or hard to follow the Word of Yah, and what is your current journey in Scripture looking like?” You will be blessed and amazed at how well the...

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8.1.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~3Wise Guys

How do we share the Good News without telling people what to do? The Wise Guys approach this topic of telling others how to behave by discussing the area of modesty. Over the years, the Wise Guys have noticed that modesty seems to be the “hot button” of “enforcement” in many fellowships or Bible groups. Why? The Scriptures don’t seem to give specific outlines of what a person should wear. Why then do we make it an issue of inclusion? Are there principles we are missing? Should we be discerning towards our own weaknesses as well as the weakness...

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7.27.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show~WakeUp-Ron and Daniel

Wakeup! news items for July 27, 2017 News headlines: • California rabbis ‘taking seriously’ imam’s call for violence against Jews; Meanwhile, in Austria, a Palestinian was sentenced to life for incitement to kill Jews… but not so in Canada or USA? Dan: “Our society refuses to look at the truth… there is no loger any core to our ‘belief system’; both Canada and USA seem bent on taking God out of our foundation. It’s like the period at the end of Judges, when ‘Everyone did what was right in their own eyes.’ Ron: “Canada is rushing headlong into ‘whole...

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