Author: Daniel Knudsen

4.20.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show-Wake Up-Perry, Ron and Daniel

Wake Up! for April 20, 2017 This week, Dan Holdings and Ron Gray had two guests: Al McCarn (co-host with Dan on Remnant Road) and Mark Call, host of Hebrew Nation’s Daily News. Today’s wide-ranging show covered many topics, starting with University of Toronto Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson, who has become the target of a politically-correct firestorm, because he refuses to use the newly-minted transgender pronouns ‘zhi’, ‘zher’, etc. Prof. Peterson maintains that categorization is the heart of knowledge, and that to assume “gender is fluid” and can change from day to day—as the ‘social justice warriors’ do—is to...

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4.18.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show-3Wise Guys

What ministry has YHWH called you to do? Many times our initial response to this question is surrounded by a feeling of inadequacy. We might take on the belief that we can’t possibly be a preacher or teacher–a gift given to only a “chosen few.” The Wise Guys challenge this notion by dispelling what a preacher or teacher might look like or sound like according to examples given in Scripture. They also take a moment to discuss the ministry of “testimony or witness,” which at times, has become a forgotten asset for people who are looking to share the...

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4.13.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show-Wake Up-Perry, Ron and Daniel

Wakeup! April 13, 2017 Ron read a short article from Tarek Fatah (a Muslim from Toronto who is calling for an Islamic Reformation) about a Dutch-Pakistani Muslim writer whose 1989 book predicted Europe’s present-day jihad problems Ron and Dan discussed four books written by formerly unbelieving lawyers: Lee Strobel – The Case for Christ (now a major movie) Josh McDowell – Evidence that Demands a Verdict, I & II Frank Morison – Who moved the Stone? and Simon Greenleaf – The Testimony of the Four Evangelists Ron described his involvement in Canadian politics: “We offer voters a chance to...

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4.11.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show-3Wise Guys

Should we keep the Passover?”  What’s so special about this meal?  And can it be embraced by both Hebrews and Christians?” From the perspective of Biblical books such as Exodus and John, the Wise Guys take a moment to candidly discuss this particular Festival of YHWH–it’s value as well as the critical points that are meant to give us hope.  You will hear about the Passover’s intent to grow community and it’s glorious reminders of our salvation.  You may also stumble unto the idea that this feast is not ancient, but yet offers serious impact on our lives—displaying freedom...

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4.6.17~Hebrew Nation Morning Show-Wake Up-Perry, Ron & Daniel

Wakeup! for April 6, 2017 On today’s show, the first half was about equally divided between Ron and Dan discussing headline news items and wrestling with technical problems in bringing on guest Lee Bender, President of the Philadelphia Chapter of Zionist Organization of America, which this year celebrates its 120th anniversary. ZOA was founded about the same time as Theodore Herzl was publishing Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State) and organizing the first Zionist conference in Basle, Switzerland. Jews had always been in the Holy Land for the past 3,500 years; Jerusalem had never been the captal of any other...

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