Author: Albert McCarn

Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 5/22/17

In Search of African Israelites If Hebrews were scattered to every corner of the earth, why should we be surprised to find them in every part of Africa? And yet there they are! That’s why we asked Charity Dell to visit with us and discuss the Hebraic roots of many African cultures and of the African-American church. Charity begins by relating her childhood experiences in the Church of God in Christ, where the preaching and the religious observances included direct identification with the Hebrews as they came out of Egypt. That was the beginning of a continuing journey into...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 5/8/17

100 Day Check-Up Last year at this time, Philip Haney visited the Remnant Road to talk about his new book, See Something Say Nothing. He visited us again three months later as the United States was entering the final weeks of the 2016 elections. What has happened since then? In some ways, a political earthquake. In other ways, a return to business as usual – or so it may seem. We asked Phil his impressions of the Trump Administration’s first one hundred days. What of his promises has President Trump accomplished? What is yet to be done? How serious...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 5/1/17

The State of Israel:  69 Years and Counting How much do you know about Israel?  Do you know the story behind such terms as “West Bank”, “East Jerusalem”, and “settlements”?  Why do Israelis find these terms not only offensive, but toxic? Lee Bender helps us understand these and other issues related to the anti-Israel bias in Western media.  It is appropriate to discuss these topics on the day that connects Yom Hazikaron (Israel Memorial Day) and Yom Ha’azmaut (Israel Independence Day).  As co-president of the Philadelphia Chapter, Zionist Organization of America, Lee not only knows his subject, but is...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 4/24/17

When Ordinary People Serve an Extraordinary God The Torah Awakening has been going on for about a generation. Where are we now on YHVH’s process of maturing a people who embrace Messiah Yeshua and honor the Torah as Yeshua did? That question provides the backdrop for our visit with one of Hebrew Nation Radio’s newest broadcasters, Kisha Gallagher! Along with Dr. Deb Wiley, Kisha hosts Renewed on Wednesday mornings. She also shares the things the Father has taught her through her blog, Grace in Torah, and is author of the BEKY book, The Biblical New Moon: A Beginner’s Guide...

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Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 4/17/17

Where YHVH Placed His Name We are just weeks away from the 50th anniversary of Israel regaining control of the Temple Mount. In recent years, preparations for rebuilding the Temple and reestablishing the Aaronic priesthood have progressed significantly, even to the point of having trained priests conduct reenactments of the Passover sacrifice, and blessing worshippers at the Western Wall. Our guest is highly qualified to talk about these developments. Joseph Good of Hatikvah Ministries and Jerusalem Temple Study is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Temple. He is no stranger to Hebrew Nation Radio; Joe shares his...

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