Kimberly Rodgers-Brown

Kimberly Rodgers-Brown


Kimberly Rogers-Brown is a Torah teacher and Bible prophecy news analyst. Her walk in Torah began in 2006. YHVH called her to teach Torah in 2008 and to put the daily headlines into Hebraic prophetic perspective in 2009. Her first teaching was “A Tale of 2 Covenants”, an overview of the reasons to walk according to the Torah. This was followed by “The Esau Effect” in 2009, a primer about the war between Esau and Jacob in the end of days.

Having been raised a Christian, but one who questioned everything, Kimberly left organized religion for over 20 years until YHVH called her back – not to the Church, but to the Torah. YHVH called her to the ministry at the age of 13, but the promise came to fruition after she became Torah observant.

Today, she lives with her husband, Michael, in Aqaba, Jordan. Visit and for more information.


Kimberly teaches on this week’s Torah portion.

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