Stephen & Anne McLeod

Stephen & Anne McLeod


Stephen McLeod is a retired college professor, a poet who taught English, writing, World Literature, research skills, and conducted research into educational skills and methodologies. He was also a linguist in the army and as a captain his primary responsibility was in logistics and was also charged with directing military education. He has tremendous dramatic/rhetorical skills. He was also a university administrator at NSU in Florida.

Anne McLeod is also retired and a dedicated housewife with a BS in secondary foreign language education with endorsements in Spanish and French, and at one time taught Alabama History, English, and Civics. She also pioneered in the homeschooling movement 44 years ago as well as wrote a historical-geographical-religious novel. Both Stephen and Anne moved into seriously learning Hebrew and teaching it – a methodology that Stephen relates in some of his published articles on Peer Assisted Learning in that the best way to learn something is to teach it.

Stephen and Anne put all of their lifelong skills and experiences into 2STIX.  The format of the show is based upon Ezekiel 37:16,17, where the mission is to equip the Tribes to get along together and not quarrel on the way!  Their primary focus is learning to study the Bible using Hebrew, and to communicate with each other and with YHVH in His language, Torah Hebrew as shown in Zephaniah 3:9.

Torah teaches and demonstrates many educational practices including the importance of repetition. They also use narrative technique, and metaphorical devices in their instruction.


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