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This channel includes some of our most popular programs!

  • Days of Noah: In this show, Bonnie interviews LA Marzulli and we learn more about how the days we are living in today and very much like the “Days of Noah”
  • Double Portion Inheritance: In this show, we hear from Maria Merola, as she shares her knowledge and expertise on “all things torah”
  • Lion’s Path: This show focuses on finding freedom and deliverance, with Cole Davis
  • Prepare the Way: This show focuses on prophesy and end of days, with Daniel Holdings
  • Setting History Straight: This show focuses on what the facts in history tell us about our heritage and roots, with Linda Watson
  • Weightier Matters: In this show, we look at the torah portion each week and ask, “What is the weightier matter nugget we can glean from this week’s reading?” How can be better at loving God and loving one another?
  • Rhyme and Reason

Latest Podcasts in this Channel

Set History Straight – Church and State

We will be discussing Church and State.  How does the Messiah's role reflect church and state? ...
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Spiritual Attack or Natural Consequence? – The Lion’s Path 3.14.2018

Does the Adversary attack us blindly simply for the fact that we are made in the image or YHVH? Yes ...
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“Humiliation: An Assault on Both Pride and Dignity” – The Lion’s Path 3.7.2018

When we feel humiliated, trauma debases our established concepts of self and throws our entire psyche into chaos. While this ...
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Set History Straight – Proof the Messiah went to Britain!

We will in this program show the PROOF that the Messiah went to England.  IT IS A GREAT STORY! ...
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The Lion’s Path 2.28.2018 – Dignity

Dignity is the opposite of shame. Shame speaks to the worthlessness we feel as human beings and Dignity speaks directly ...
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The Lion’s Path 2.21.2018 – Prayer for the Body of Messiah and the Nation

In this episode, Cole simply prays for the nation, the world and the Body of Messiah. We are a nation ...
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Set History Straight – Satan’s Counterfeit Plan

We will be discussing how Satan using our present holidays to counterfeit God's true holy Days ...
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Set History Straight-The Journey of Tea Tephi & Stone of Destiny

This the story of the Journey of Tea Tephi from Egypt to Ireland and the stone of Destiny ...
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The Lion’s Path 2.14.2018 – Lies We Need to Hunt to Heal and Mature

In this walk down the road toward the Kingdom of Yah, we bring lies and traditions with us that need ...
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/ Lion's Path - Cole Davis

Set History Straight -Isaiah 21 & 22

In this program we explain Isaiah  21 and 22 in light of present events ...
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Set History Straight – Migration of Israelites to the East

Dan Wray is covering the history of how the Israelites migrated to the Far East. Set history Straight ...
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The Lion’s Path 2.7.2018 – Valor and Virtue: Building Sons and Daughters

What are the elements that build children of YHVH that will stand the tests and the trials of life? In ...
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/ Lion's Path - Cole Davis