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This channel includes some of our most popular programs!

  • Days of Noah: In this show, Bonnie interviews LA Marzulli and we learn more about how the days we are living in today and very much like the “Days of Noah”
  • Double Portion Inheritance: In this show, we hear from Maria Merola, as she shares her knowledge and expertise on “all things torah”
  • Lion’s Path: This show focuses on finding freedom and deliverance, with Cole Davis
  • Prepare the Way: This show focuses on prophesy and end of days, with Daniel Holdings
  • Setting History Straight: This show focuses on what the facts in history tell us about our heritage and roots, with Linda Watson
  • Weightier Matters: In this show, we look at the torah portion each week and ask, “What is the weightier matter nugget we can glean from this week’s reading?” How can be better at loving God and loving one another?
  • Rhyme and Reason

Latest Podcasts in this Channel

The Lion’s Path 12.13.2017 – Back in the Fight

Seasons change and for the Lion's Path, the season of introspection has come to an end. Now, in this season ...
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The Lion’s Path 12.6.2017 – The Abyss

King David spoke often about his emotional state being incredibly low at times and described his despair as the depths ...
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Set history Straight – What is God telling us now ?

What is God saying to us now at the time in history? ...
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The Lion’s Path 11.29.2017 – How the Adversary Uses Our Pasts for His Purposes

So many places in our past are still alive in our emotions and if we do not reconcile these emotions, ...
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Set History Straight – Book of Haggai

What message does the book of Haggai have for us today? ...
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The Lion’s Path 11.22.2017 – The Agony of Choice, the Wonder of Growth

How often to do we make wise choices in life? So often, when the conviction of correction comes, we avoid ...
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/ Lion's Path - Cole Davis

The Lion’s Path 11.15.2017 – How to Handle Righteous Rebuke

Rebuking and being rebuked is always a challenge to those in the faith. The idea of having to confront sin ...
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/ Lion's Path - Cole Davis

Set History Straight – The First Thanksgiving

This is the history of the early setters in America.  This also covers the Pilgrim's history in Britain and America ...
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The Lion’s Path 11.8.2017 – The Everyday War on Everyday Holiness

The war we fight as believers every day is a struggle between our will and the Father's will. The Adversary ...
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/ Lion's Path - Cole Davis

Set History Straight- Parables as Prophecies

We will explain the meaning of the parables in the NT as Prophecies ...
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Set History Straight – History of the Sabbath

This program covers the history of the Sabbath from the time of the Messiah ...
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