This channel includes some of our most popular programs!

  • Days of Noah: In this show, Bonnie interviews LA Marzulli and we learn more about how the days we are living in today and very much like the “Days of Noah”
  • Double Portion Inheritance: In this show, we hear from Maria Merola, as she shares her knowledge and expertise on “all things torah”
  • Lion’s Path: This show focuses on finding freedom and deliverance, with Cole Davis
  • Prepare the Way: This show focuses on prophesy and end of days, with Daniel Holdings
  • Setting History Straight: This show focuses on what the facts in history tell us about our heritage and roots, with Linda Watson
  • Weightier Matters: In this show, we look at the torah portion each week and ask, “What is the weightier matter nugget we can glean from this week’s reading?” How can be better at loving God and loving one another?
  • Rhyme and Reason

Latest Podcasts in this Channel

Rhyme & Reason (with Ian Michaels) 05.28.17

The book of Numbers opens with the statement that YHWH spoke (vayiDaBeR) to Moses in the wilderness (bamiDBaR). Does this ...
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Set History Straight – Teaching from Psalms

This is a teaching from Psalms by Maria Williams ...
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The Lion’s Path 5.24.2017: Self-Punishment

Control is control whether it brings a feeling of power or powerlessness. Penance means that we continue to control the ...
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Rhyme & Reason (with Ian Michaels) 05.21.17

Genesis 1:14 says, “...and let them (the sun, moon and stars) be for signs...”! A sign is a message. What ...
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Setting History Straight – East and West in Scripture

This program discusses West and East in scripture and what it means.east_west ...
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Set History Straight – Story of the Bride

In the program we show how the Hebrew wedding ties back to the modern wedding of today and how it ...
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Setting History Straight -Places of Safety in History

We discuss four places of safety in history on this program ...
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The Lion’s Path 5.10.2017 – Spiritual Warfare and Childbirth

Psalm 127:3 “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.” In the ...
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/ Lion's Path - Cole Davis

Rhyme & Reason (with Ian Michaels) 05.07.17

From ancient Kabbalistic literature to the modern scientific discoveries of quantum mechanics, this broadcast reveals how rabbis and scientists agree ...
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Rhyme & Reason (with Ian Michaels) 04.30.17

Israel is Israel and the Church is the Church...right? But isn't there only one Bride? This episode will examine this ...
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The Moab Bomb - What is God trying to tell us? What influence did MOAB have on the Israelites in ...
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