This channel includes some of our most popular programs!

  • Days of Noah: In this show, Bonnie interviews LA Marzulli and we learn more about how the days we are living in today and very much like the “Days of Noah”
  • Double Portion Inheritance: In this show, we hear from Maria Merola, as she shares her knowledge and expertise on “all things torah”
  • Lion’s Path: This show focuses on finding freedom and deliverance, with Cole Davis
  • Prepare the Way: This show focuses on prophesy and end of days, with Daniel Holdings
  • Setting History Straight: This show focuses on what the facts in history tell us about our heritage and roots, with Linda Watson
  • Weightier Matters: In this show, we look at the torah portion each week and ask, “What is the weightier matter nugget we can glean from this week’s reading?” How can be better at loving God and loving one another?
  • Rhyme and Reason

Latest Podcasts in this Channel

The Lion’s Path 7.19.2017 – The Spirit of Power

Fear comes with your anointing. Not one person in the Scriptures who truly received their life’s purpose from the Father ...
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Rhyme & Reason (with Ian Michaels) 07.16.17

The prophet Malachi spoke of the “Sun of Righteousness” who would come with “healing in his wings.” Surely he spoke ...
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Set History Straight – Identity of the 12 Tribes of Israel

We will discuss the clues and symbols the heavenly father gave us to identify who the 12 tribes are and ...
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Rhyme & Reason (with Ian Michaels) 07.02.17

Psalm 30:5 tells us “...weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” From Genesis to Revelation, ...
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The Lion’s Path 7.5.2017 – The Garden of the Subconscious

A child asks questions and at times for parents, this can be a challenging and annoying part of raising children ...
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Set History Straight – What is the 1335 Days in Prophecy?

What does it mean?  Also we will be talking about the wilderness in Rev 12 ...
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The Lion’s Path 6.28.2017 – Escaping the Abyss of Codependence

Codependents inevitably hold onto resentment because of the bondage their spirits feel. When we believe that we have a codependent ...
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Rhyme & Reason (with Ian Michaels) 06.25.17

What is the true definition of “love”? Who knows and who practices true love today? This broadcast takes a look ...
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The Lion’s Path 6.21.2017 – Self-Righteousness

“The deceitfulness of the heart of man appears in no one thing so much as this of spiritual pride and ...
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/ Lion's Path - Cole Davis

Rhyme & Reason (with Ian Michaels) 06.18.17

An apocalyptic message is inscribed on a painting by an American folk artist. It reads, “In the last days, the ...
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The Lion’s Path 6.14.2017 – Defending Uncleanness

“The Great Wall of China is a gigantic structure which cost an immense amount of money and labor. When it ...
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/ Lion's Path - Cole Davis

Rhyme & Reason (with Ian Michaels) 06.11.17

Is Y'shua YHWH? How is that possible? Scriptural? This broadcast takes a fresh approach to this age old debated question ...
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