Author: Cole Davis

The Lion’s Path 11.22.2017 – The Agony of Choice, the Wonder of Growth

How often to do we make wise choices in life? So often, when the conviction of correction comes, we avoid gaining wisdom by blaming others or the Adversary for our struggles in life. Can anything be salvaged from a bad decision? Of course! Listen in as Cole discusses the concept of human choice and what to do when these decisions go wrong. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android |...

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The Lion’s Path 11.15.2017 – How to Handle Righteous Rebuke

Rebuking and being rebuked is always a challenge to those in the faith. The idea of having to confront sin in another or having it confronted in you is never pleasant. However, the Scriptures say that rebuking one another in love is essential to growth and preservation of community. In this episode, Cole discusses the necessary act of rebuke. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android |...

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The Lion’s Path 11.8.2017 – The Everyday War on Everyday Holiness

The war we fight as believers every day is a struggle between our will and the Father’s will. The Adversary tempts us with not his own will, but to follow our own lusts and passions. How do we take up our cross every day and follow Yeshua? What does every day holiness look like? Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android |...

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The Lion’s Path 11.1.2017 – The Battle of Prayer

“Prayer is not a preparation for the battle; it is the battle!” – Leonard Ravenhill The biggest tragedy among the Hebrews today is that when we question our beliefs, we don’t turn the YHVH in prayer, we turn to the wisdom of men. The deception among us is our fault because we seek out teachers who offer their own answers to the tough questions. The results of the Spirit of Anti-Messiah are the results of cold prayer lives. In this show, Cole talks about the essential prayer life every believer needs to have in order to keep running the...

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The Lion’s Path 10.25.2017 – The Spirit of Anti-Messiah: When Division is Necessary and Inevitable

The decision to separate or divide should be a difficult decision. Prayer, fasting, introspection are needed to ensure that you are not resisting His will or that you are not avoiding a task He has given you simply because you are uncomfortable. If you are offended by something and desire to separate, then you may want to take a breath and reflect. But one thing that happens over and over again in the Tanakh and the Brit Chadasha is people being separated from one another. Sheep from Goats, Wheat and Chaff, and so on. When is it time to...

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