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This channel includes some of our most popular programs!

  • Days of Noah: In this show, Bonnie interviews LA Marzulli and we learn more about how the days we are living in today and very much like the “Days of Noah”
  • Double Portion Inheritance: In this show, we hear from Maria Merola, as she shares her knowledge and expertise on “all things torah”
  • Lion’s Path: This show focuses on finding freedom and deliverance, with Cole Davis
  • Prepare the Way: This show focuses on prophesy and end of days, with Daniel Holdings
  • Setting History Straight: This show focuses on what the facts in history tell us about our heritage and roots, with Linda Watson
  • Weightier Matters: In this show, we look at the torah portion each week and ask, “What is the weightier matter nugget we can glean from this week’s reading?” How can be better at loving God and loving one another?
  • Rhyme and Reason

Latest Podcasts in this Channel

Set History Straight -Is World War II found in your Bible?

Is World War II found in your Bible? We will cover the WWII and discover where it is found in ...
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The Lion’s Path 2.22.2017 – Groanings

In this episode of the Lion's Path Radio Show, Cole discusses how the Holy Spirit groans on our behalf in ...
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Rhyme & Reason (with Ian Michaels) 02.19.17

"In Matthew 5, our Messiah said He came to “fulfill” and not “destroy” the Law and the Prophets, yet many ...
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Set History Straight -Jehoshaphat – The invasion of Judah

This is the account of Jehoshaphat and the invasion of Judah. It is an example of what our nations must ...
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The Lion’s Path Radio Show 2.15.2017 – The Will to Fight

2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith;” What ...
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Rhyme & Reason (with Ian Michaels) 02.12.17

"Scripture tells us exactly how our Messiah will appear at the end of days and that a false messiah will ...
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Esau’s Link to the Roman Empire

Is there any history or proof that Esau was the Roman Empire? Does the Bible talk about the Roman Empire? ...
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The Lion’s Path 2.8.2017 – When Men Wax Worse and Worse

2 Timothy 3:13 “But evil men and impostors will wax from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” Human Beings ...
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Rhyme & Reason (with Ian Michaels) 02.05.17

"In the book of Daniel the king of Babylon was given a dream of a statue and a stone. What ...
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Set History Straight: What is our roles as believers today?

What is our roles as believers today? What is the meaning of Towers in scriptures ? ...
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The Lion’s Path 2.1.2017 – Narcissus, Absalom, and Lucifer

Narcissus is an echoing remnant of Greek mythology that continues to fascinate us to this very day. The idea of ...
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Rhyme & Reason (with Ian Michaels) 01.29.17

In the book of Revelation we read of a "Mystery Babylon." Who or what is this? This show will examine ...
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