Jackson Snyder Presents:  General Schruumkoff carps about a bad experience at church.  His Pastor Creamly threatens him with Hell for volunteering at what he considers a dangerous cult.  Hoping for encouragement, Schruumkoff announces the program, What Happens When You Die.

The Presentation begins outlining the Evangelical / Fundamentalist position on death and the afterlife including their doctrine of the immortal soul, limbo, all people go to Hades, Hades split into Heaven and Hell, the resurrection and the sending back to Hades for either an eternity of paradise or of fiery torment.  This is what Evangelicals and Fundamentalists call “good news.”  But is this good news?  It is horrible news for all but those who are officially Christians, for the official doctrine states that there is no salvation outside the church and all who are not in church roil in hell forever.

Snyder uses scripture to debunk all of this nonsense to get back to the Good News of the resurrection of the dead.  Relying on correcting the definitions of several Greek words dealing with life and death, and a number of archaic words still used on account of tradition in modern Bibles, the Word starts coming out – that there is good news for saint and sinner alike, that there is a judgment of both good and bad by works, that there is mercy in the adjudication, that in the Kingdom there is remediation and rehabilitation, that in the resurrection all get a chance at life, that hell is annihilated, and that the scripture insists that the soul is neither immortal nor an entity unto itself.  Let him show you.

Now Schruumkoff has to make a decision.  Does he stay at the Crakow Orthodox Catholic Church of the Presumptuous Assumption and leave the Yahad, or does he ignore Pastor Creamly’s threats of hellfire and continue working as program announcer.

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