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Hebrew Nation Radio is a gathering place for those who believe in and practice Biblical living and culture as expressed through Torah and Messiah. Abba/Father has always been looking for an intimate relationship with His people; both Jews (Judah) and Gentiles (the scattered nations of Ephraim). When gentiles forsake their pagan past, often handed down unknowingly from our forefathers, and accept and keep the instructions of our Abba/Father through the Torah and Messiah Yeshua a transformation and whole understanding of the Torah, Tenack and Brit Hadasha begins to come alive, expressing itself in the full intimate relationship Abba intends with His set-apart people. Hebrew Nation Radio is a 24/7 terrestial radio station broadcast from Salem, Oregon on the radio dial at KPJC AM 1220 and streams online at HebrewNationOnline.com and HebrewNation.net. HebrewNation.net is a social network for Jewish and non-Jewish Israel to discuss what it means to reform the end-time nation prophesied in Scripture.