Jackson Snyder Presents the first service of Sukkot sermon for the Yahad-wise Sukkot theme: Up From Slavery – the title of Booker T. Washington’s ground-breaking book that lead to the successful reconstruction of the South after the Civil War and the founding of Tuskegee College in Alabama.  In my first southern parish, I was initially introduced as “that damn Yankee” by the leader of the congregation.  In the course of two years, members of the congregation told me I was not understood (being from the Midwest), was cursing from the pulpit, that, since my coming, the church had been bombarded by blacks, which culminated with threats against my life from the KKK – members of my own congregation!   I came to learn that I was living those years in one of the most prejudiced counties in Georgia.  But I survived.  Unfortunately, much of the ethnic population in this area was continually denigrated but had no place to go.  It seems that the strained relations between black and whit really started after the war when some families got a quarter acre and land and a mule.

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