Jackson Snyder Presents a series of messages directed to those folks who long for Day of Yahweh to come: please consider Amos 5:18. Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord! to what end is it for you? A lot of people fear the horrors described in the Revelation and this fear is made even more acute by prophecy teachers who try to interpret this book to speak of events in the impending future meant to destroy America. Such prophecy teachers have unique interpretations, ignoring both the rules of interpretation and first-century history. This is not helpful; the anointed prophecy teacher KNOWS what the book of Revelation means because he has carefully read the first chapter of the book, which states and reiterates several times, “These things are shortly to come to pass.” Yet these teachers ignore the plain-speak of the prologue to the prophecy and tacitly interpret ‘shortly’ to being thousands of years later. Despite whether such teachers are sincere or not, they are ignorant of history, and in the course of pronouncing false curses on America, they are leading their hearers astray, replacing hope of a Millennium with the fear of annihilation. And some people glory in the idea of their home country being destroyed! Snyder will debunk such false prophets and teachers.