Is prayer effective in our modern day culture?  And if it isn’t, is there anything we can do to strengthen our prayer connections with our Heavenly Father to change our personal and social landscape? The Wise Guys approach this subject with the help of two young men who are on a mission to save the lives of millions of babies at risk through abortion.  Gabriel Bartlett and his friend Cody are raising up an army of intercessors who will fast and pray one day/month to stand in the gap–it’s called Three thousand babies are aborted every day in the US.  Visit to learn more and sign up today.

And it’s this call to action from these young men that has drawn the interest of the Wise Guys.  You won’t want to miss this show.

Gabriel is also the host of  one of Hebrew Nation radio’s newest shows called “The Good Report”, based on the “good report” that Joshua and Caleb brought back from the land. Each week he interviews a guest from somewhere around the world and asks the question, “What good report to do you have to share with the mishpocah?”