Jackson Snyder Presents reveals the most important document pertinent to Nazarene Israel and Hebraic Roots.  Recently rediscovered, The Didache (Dee-Dah-KAY), according to scholars, originated in the Assembly of Yahweh of Jerusalem in the first century AD and was composed and used by the Yahad (Community) of James the Just and Simon bar Clopas.  The Didache is a handbook for new-comers to the faith or Yahshua and for new elders also.  It give information as to how baptisms and communions are to be administer, what the special Torah specifics are for the newby, explains the ‘last day’, which is considered to be the fall of Jerusalem, and explores the two roads – very similar to the Community Rule and the Epistle of Barnabas.  We at the Vero Essene Yahad use the Didache as a rule book, a devotional book, and an instruction book.  The full Didache is read in this show, and a full commentary begins and continues on the next show.