It is holiness first in the instructions on the sacrifices. How we approach our King and God. When and with detailed instructions regarding the kind of animals for each offering. There is instruction on what constitutes a proper animal for sacrificing. One cannot bring just any animal – it must be a clean one and one without blemish. In most, but not all cases, males are required.

The laws regarding how the animals are to be killed and laid upon the altar are included here along with statutes about our individual behavior quickly following upon the instruction for the sacrifices. It is apparent that our behavior before coming to do a sacrifice can make us unclean for certain sacrifices, but that other sacrifices are required for getting cleaned up.

Laws regarding how we treat each other, on the necessity for being clean when we approach the Tabernacle, our dietary restrictions and sexual purity, remembering the shmittahs – cycles of seven – and Yovel along with many reminders about the Sabbath and the 7 annual Feasts are among those activities that set us apart. All of these are contained in this book of holiness.

Bechukkotai concludes the Book of Vayikra, Leviticus, with a choice for each of us to make. Either we accept and keep YHVH’s law and are blessed by it or we reap His curses for rebellion against them.