Narcissus is an echoing remnant of Greek mythology that continues to fascinate us to this very day. The idea of the love of oneself causing personal destruction somehow in some way captivates our attention and the warning contained in this story touches us somewhere in our collective psyche. The Bible speaks of the tell-tale sign of character through the metaphorical fruit people bear to the community as well as descriptions of people among us who are not our spiritual brothers such as the Wheat and the tares parable in Matthew 13. People that sit next to us in bible study, who we fellowship with, or even (Yah forbid) lead us in worship or study. They themselves wish to be worshiped.

What creates these mindsets in people? Are they born with these mindsets or do they inherit them from the environments they are brought into as children? In the most extreme idea have had about these people is this; if they are born this way, are they the seed of the serpent because of their similarities in their mindset and the mindset of the Adversary?

Godly Men of Valor –