Leviticus 19:14 – ‘You shall not curse a deaf man nor place a stumbling block before the blind, but you shall revere your God; I am the YHVH.”

The blind, the deaf, the mentally handicapped are human beings but when we have a brother or sister who does not have what humans are designed to have, we are presented with a choice. The choice becomes whether we choose to illustrate our compassion and loyalty, or demonstrate our ugliness and cruelty. The uncleanness within us is what draws us to sinful practices and idols. We have emotions, urges, and strongholds that stand against the truth of the Father in our hearts and in so following the impulses tied to these, we submit our will to them and bow to them. We hear self-control and immediately think of everything we have to KEEP ourselves from. However, willpower is inevitably part of the equation. We can’t just keep ourselves from doing something. We have to push ourselves to act against our flesh and the Adversary to strive toward righteousness.


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