Hebrew Nation News Special Report by Laura Densmore

Just yesterday, I posted a breaking news story,
Obama Inciting War with Russia, and I connect the dots between several news story to give you the big picture about what is going on behind the scenes with Obama taking his big stick and poking the Russian bear to incite a war with them. You wont find that news story anywhere else.

The Clinton political machine, and the globalists want to silence and shut down the voice of freedom and the voice of the truth tellers, folks like Alex Jones, of Infowars, and Dave Hodges of The Common Sense show.

RIGHT NOW there is a systematic “hack attack” taking place against SEVERAL conservative news websites

Dave Hodges, The Common Sense show, states today that he is being hack attacked and electronically harassed. He reports that two articles magically appeared on his website that he did not write or publish.

Alex Jones is also reporting being hacked, in a massive way, sustaining the biggest cyberattack they have ever encountered.

The mainstream media is pushing for a complete Chinese-style Internet censorship, and labeling truth telling news stories as “fake news”. Even Facebook is getting involved and will soon be censoring “fake news” stories that appear on Facebook.

I am also reporting to you that HebrewNationOnline.com and Relevant Newstalk radio is ALSO under a hack attack right now. Our email server has been hacked, spam emails have gone out under old emails and because of that, our emails for sending/receiving under certain accounts are now blocked, which affects basic business communications for both of these radio stations.  We are working fast and furious to get this resolved.

All of this constitutes a MAJOR ATTACK on FREE SPEECH.

Do you want to live in a world where you consume only the news that the mainstream media pressitutes will feed you? Where you can only access the propaganda news of ABC, CBS, NYTimes and WA Post? Where you are only allowed to drink the CNN koolaid?

If you believe in free speech, and the voice of the alternative news stream truth tellers, we need your support RIGHT NOW!

FIRST PLEASE PRAY!  PLEASE STAND WITH US AND SUPPORT CONSERVATIVE NEWS MEDIA with your prayers. Pray that the Father would raise a spiritual and an electronic SHIELD to protect our website and email server.

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