Who Is Israel? A Study Guide


Who Is Israel? Enlarged Edition and its companion Study Guide are causing a phenomenal stir among Bible Believers!…

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Who Is Israel? Enlarged Edition and its companion Study Guide are causing a phenomenal stir among Bible Believers! These books are serving as harbingers of the greatest change in Messiah’s Body since the Reformation?

Who Is Israel – A Study Guide
by Batya Wootten
The Study Guide is keyed in many of its reference by page to Who Is Israel? Enlarged Edition. However, it works fine as a stand alone a Study Guide, and the latest revision of Who Is Israel?, which is Israel Redeemed- Reunited and Restored works well with the Guide. While the paperback book Who Is Israel? Enlarged Edition is out of print it is available as an Ebook in PDF format on a CD, or it may be downloaded from .


Who is Israel?  Why do you even need to know?
Because knowing who you are and where you are going is vital to your relationship with the GOD of Israel.
You need to read this book because it will:
Inspire and encourage you, even change your life
Help you discover your own Hebraic Heritage
Put your feet on the road to Zion
Read this Scriptural account of Israel and understand:
Israel, the Church— the Bible
The mystery of the “fulness of the Gentiles”
The “blindness of ‘Israel’”
The Father’s master plan for Israel
This guidebook will explain why you:
Feel something is “missing” in your life

Have an unexplainable love for Israel and Jewish people
Feel an urge to celebrate the feasts of Israel
This handbook will help you to:
Move from religion to relationship
Unmuddle the muddled doctrines of Christianity
Properly intercede for “all Israel”
Remove the stones from Israel’s road home
Live the Shema— the heart of New Covenant faith
Fulfill the latter-day desires of the Father’s heart
The Biblical truths unveiled in this volume will help:
Put an end to “Christian” anti-Semitism
Heal divisions in the Body of Messiah
Cure the plague of “Believer’s Boredom”
Relieve “rootlessness” in non-Jews who love “Israel”
This book:
Leads us back to our First Love
Lifts up Messiah Yeshua (Jesus)
Gives Him His proper place
Shows how He is the epitome of all that is “Israel”
The revelation that unfolds on these pages will enrich your relationship with the Holy One of Israel; it will lead Jewish and non-Jewish Believers (Judah and Ephraim) to become the fulness of the promised
“one new man.”  Read them and be blessed.