Holy Order Restored by Eliyahu ben David


What this book does is more important than what it is about. What it does is get you…

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What this book does is more important than what it is about. What it does is get you back in touch with the fundamentals of what it means to be a man or a woman. That may sound too simple to be of benefit. Actually, exactly the opposite is true. The age in which we live is far removed from God’s original purpose in creating men and women. Most of us really do not know why we were created or how we were intended to function or even what our true inheritance is in this earth. Our concepts of manhood and womanhood are generally formed by the common culture in which we all live today. These popular concepts fall far short of telling you who you really are as an individual man or woman in God’s great design. For that reason those popular assumptions have miserably failed us. Starting out with a flawed blueprint for our life, the enduring structure we hope to build too often ends up crashing in a pile of rubble instead of fulfilling our life’s greatest potential. With the original blueprint restored you can avoid a disaster like that or even recover from such a disaster. Beyond that, with the right imprint of who you are truly meant to be you can soar far above the limitations of a world determined to keep you down. Learn the amazing truth that within you is the capability to rule in the image of God. That’s your birthright and you can do it. Readers often say this message has power to restore men and women to a higher order of life to be who they are truly meant to be. Read it. Do it. Be it.

Now that you know what HOLY ORDER RESTORED does you may still want to know what it’s about. It’s about a dream and a vision from God that opened the author’s eyes to the truth revealed in this book. It’s also a Bible Study that reads like a novel about the Creator, Angels, Eden, the Tree of Life, Adam and Eve, Marriage, Family, Government, Lucifer as Satan, Sin, Cain, Abel, the Nephilim, the First Patriarchs, Seth, Enoch, Methuselah, the Last Days of the Pre-Flood World, Noah, Noah’s Ark, the Sons of God and more. Most importantly, it is about you as you are meant to be.


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