Years ago I visited Capt. Hook’s elderly mother in the hospital. She wouldn’t tell her son’s real name, but she did tell his story. Capt. Hook was raised in church but he was blind to the light. In his post-high school days, Hook was wild and cruel. He became a leader in Hell’s Angels. He sold narcotics to children and promoted child prostitution. He spent time in prison and there learned how to be even worse than he already was. Hook the psychopath was on his way to an early death.

His mother wouldn’t give up on him. She prayed for him constantly and engaged in spiritual warfare against the devil. For years, often in tears, but always in faith, she would do two things – (1) fight the devil, and (2) see him in her spirit as though he were already the new man. She prayed, “Father, do whatever it takes to reach my son.” She fought the devil tooth and nail for him. Had she known what “it would take” to reach him, she might have given up. She didn’t expect the unexpected.