Eisenman’s New Testament Code gets to the ‘meat’ of the code immediately in Chapter 1.  Where was this Antioch where Paul & Barnabas found a headquarters?  Probably not where we think – there were at least five Antiochs iin the region.  And what of the Assembly in Antioch? If we understand the Assembly to be in Antioch on the Calliroe ( in the little country of Adiabene), then we can understand how these new believers were so free.  For earlier on, the king of that place, Abgar the Black, had written to Yahshua asking him to come and minister, and that the entire city would be open to the Nazorean Essenes if he did.  Yahshua sent Addai / Thadeaus / Theudas, who won the city (also known as Edessa) over.  Here is Paul and Barnabas and, speaking of name games as in so many of my other presentations, we have with them Paulus (Sergius) and BarJesus – and we let the name games begin.