Jackson Snyder Presents Yahad Poet Laureate Lone Wolf Don – I Got Love to Lean on, I Got Love to Dream on. Shruumkoff makes it clear he is a rebel and sometimes you just have to break the rules if you’re going to get by in this word. You have to use your head, and all the brain that you have,
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Greetings, Chaverim, from Jackson Snyder.  Just a couple announcements.  I have been doing Hebrew Nation Radio DAILY for the last years as the voice of Vero Essene Yahad.  The primitive message of the original faith is being accepted far beyond my ability to comprehend, and in cyberspace Yah seems to be working mightily to promote it.  I am writing this general newsletter to let my friends know about the Yahad explosion and coming events this week, including the Davidic Zadokite Sukkot.  If you never want to hear from me again, please let me know.  I will not take offense.

What calendar did Yahshua use?  He is the King in the model of David, right?  He used the Davidic Calendar, and we have found it and have been using it the last few years.  The Yahad is hosting Tabernacles during the Yahshuan feast time of September 29 – October 7 on the Yahad Campus 51 Old Dixie Hwy, Vero Beach.  It is a working Sukkot, so you may camp or you may simply come.  Below is the list of internationally know and essene friendly teachers lined up.  There will be teaching every day at 2 PM and 8 PM.  All teaching will be broadcast live via the Vero Yahad Conference Center.  You are invited to join in person or via internet.  Surf towww.theYahad.com and use the password (case sensitive) meeT-0383.  Yomim Tov are Wednesday September 30 and Tuesday October 6, and worship is being led by Rab. Art Wolfenson from Atlanta.

For details, please reply, or reply if you never want to hear from me again.

Below, find 
New Recordings   Upcoming Live Events this Week    Tabernacles Updates

Live Events may be accessed from your PC – surf to www.theYahad.com password meeT-0383 or on your phone through Oovoo (jacksonsnyder001) or Skype (jackson.h.snyder).
Over 200 hours of critical training (this is not child’s stuff mind you) may be downloaded fromwww.jspresents.org, the Vero Yahad download site while the main site is being overhauled.  Live events this week are as follows:

Wednesday September 2, 8 PM ET

A Diabolical Chain of Events – Break the Chain
This presentation is true and has to do with occult demons and death. Recordings of actual case histories will be utilized.  The purpose is to demonstrate how stepping into the occult, no matter how innocently, can have extreme consequences by the end of the chain. People we care for are into documents channeled by demons that counterfeit the saying of the Master. Many popular teachers are into occultism and occult literature and care so little about their followers that they bring them right into it without a second thought. It would be worthwhile before this short meeting to listen to the first session of ‘Hordes of Demons’ at www.jspresents.org if you haven’t already done so.

Friday September 4, 8 PM

The Quantum: Is Reality Only a Silly Illusion?
Does our personal world only exist when we are looking at it? Barnabas writes – “the eighth day – a new world.” What technological advances are occurring right now that will rush us toward the restoration and perfection of life on earth? We examine the new paradigm of the behavior of quantum particles. Tiny units of matter ‘change their minds’ and form when they are observed, can be in two places at once billions of miles apart, borrow energy to complete a task ‘planned’ in the past from the future and can be modified by the human mind. Possible outcomes for the future? Instantaneous communication across vast distances, human invisibility, manipulating the past to correct the present, and the splitting into two and traveling to the moons of Saturn while staying home – at the same time.

Saturday September 5, 4 PM ET

Melchizedek, A Motherless Child
This is part of an introduction to the Epistle to the Hebrews.  Melchizedek appears in three Bible books, but in other Jewish literature, he’s all over the place.  Who was he, a Jebusite Priest or the Son of God?  Early Judaisms see him in a variety of ways, but the writer of Hebrews describes not a man, but something else.  We will find the man, follow his evolution and try to make sense of how Hebrews uses him.


The Miracle of Moringa Featuring the KingaMoringa – The Miraculous Moringa Tree of Life
Yahshua, the Essenes and the School of Hillel (James Trimm) – Connections with both sects proven
Quantum Brain Dynamics, Part 1 – Why do you do what you do?  Why does your rationality fail at times?
Quantum Brain Dynamics, Part II – Neurotransmitters, tapes, and overcoming confusion
How Nero Enjoyed Paul’s Letters – Did Paul’s Letter to the Romans set of the Persecution?
Welcome to the Millennium, Part 3 – The Face on Mars – Third part of the Millennium Model
Till Yesterday – Woe to You Who Long for the Day of Yahweh – Revelation Uncloaked.
200 hours more at www.jspresents.org featuring Bogdan Schruumkoff, Jesse Snyder, Lee Hayhurst, Kimmy Snyder, Barbara Anderson, Barry Albin, Emerson Moe and a host of others.

TABERNACLES SEPTEMBER 29 (set-up) TO OCTOBER 7 (breakdown) 2015
The venue has changed for our Feast of Tabernacles.  I walked out the door of the Yahad and right before me was a beautiful campus with all facilities: tenting, RV parking, Air conditioned, fully equipped meeting rooms, modern bathrooms and showers, electricity and no hassles – RIGHT HERE AT THE YAHAD.  51 Old Dixie Hwy, Vero Beach, FL 32962

Dr. James Trimm – Yahshua and the Essenes / Yahshua and the School of Hillel
Ms. Kimberly DuBois – Zadokite Essene Calendar / Counter Terrorist Tactics
Mr. David b. Nasari (Brad Brink) – Zadokite / Essene / Nazarene Connection
Mr. Scott Paddock – radio personality – Messiah in Sukkot Ceremonies
Gen. Bogdan Schruumkoff – Guerrilla Warfare and Faith, My Testimony of War
Rab. Art Wolfenson – Author and Worship Leader, Nazorean Israel
Mr. David ben Israel – Pharmacopia of the Amazon and Beyond
Ms. Rachel Torrez – Ancient Vegetarian Cuisine Reinvented
Rab. Daniel Nafe – Studies in the Quran and Hadith
Mr. Lee Hayhurst – Ancient Mines of Kitchi-gummi
Dr. Jackson Snyder – Historical-Critical Studies, Christian Origins

Yours, in Yahweh, 
Dr,. Jackson Snyder
Vero Essene Yahad
(772) 480-8737