McCanny talks about the upcoming GridEx 2 International Drill coming Nov 13-14th.  The gov says their is an eminent threat of a cyber attack with a 100% natural event causing the shutdown of the electrical grid.  As you know, they are doing nothing about protecting the grid but yet they want the public to expect a natural cause for a grid collapse.  Mind you, this is an international drill.

“Despite the growing anxiety, the government and the private sector have had trouble coordinating their grid protection efforts. The utility industry argues that the government has extensive information on threats but keeps it classified. Government officials concede the problem, and they have suggested that some utility executives get security clearances. But with hundreds of utilities and thousands of executives, it cannot issue such clearances fast enough. And the industry would like to be instantly warned when the government identifies Internet servers that are known to be sources of malware.”  from the NY TIMES the toilet paper of record as Gerald Celente coins it

If and when the power grid is compromised, this would plunge North America into an abyss of darkness. Some people will undoubtedly anticipate “three days of darkness” which will lead to a roll out of draconian martial law. Certainly, some of the recent government preparations speaks to this possibility with FEMA stockpiling massive amounts of food and the acquisition of 2.6 billion rounds of ammunition by DHS. And with the roll out of martial law, the will of the people and of Congress would no longer matter and Obama would be free to prosecute any conflict he would deem necessary. Personally, this would be an attractive option for Obama because he might very well be setting himself up to be King for life.” from the article “When the Lights Go Out”

To add to this show, some of you may know that the Air Force is shutting down the Space Surveillance system.  This system is a ground based radar system that tells us anything coming in from the heavens, be it a mosquito meteor, a killer asteroid, or most importantly a nuclear or EMP missile.  Keep this in mind when you consider the same has been done in Alaska and the southern border when it comes to planes.  The borders are wide open too.  Russia has been given authority to over fly the US as well. Heres something to consider on that topic:

flashback Russia Warns US with Nuclear Armed Jets-last week Russia,China, Iran Send 90000 Troops to Syria 12 Warships :Now :Alaskan Army Bases Under Cyber Attack 9-8-2013

The sun is suppose to be at a solar maximum.  NASA sorcerers say we are at high risk for a kill shot from the sun.  The sun is at its lowest power in almost 200 years.  So, whats up?

McCanney has been covering ISON and its possible effects ever since NASA announced it.  He laid out electrical alignment connection dates of interest.  The first was Jan of 2013, when a Hurricane was generated along with a massive snow storm in Japan.

The next electrical alignment of interest is Oct 1 2013, when ISON will passover very close to Mars in the early northern hemisphere morning hours.  Binoculars may give you a show.  Telescopes will see it just fine.  Due to the electrical LIGHT nature of the Torah Physics of the creation, Mars and ISON could exchange plasma bolts, or lighting bolts in space.  Just like a bug zapper!  The ancients have wrote about, scribbled, and carved these interactions for thousands of years.

Nov 13-14 is when McCanney had shown, months ago, one of the Sun-Mercury-Earth alignments occurring with Comet ISON.  Because the the solar system acts just like a giant bug zapper, any alignment with the planets creates an enhanced electrical connection to the sun, the solar systems electrical capacitor, flowing plasma to the planets 360 degrees.  Space is filled with plasma from stars, light!  What you see as darkness is actually light.

Plasma contains all the elements of life. When interacting with a properly balanced magnetic field, like an earth not stored up with violence,  it produces rain, water, and all the elements of life.  If a magnetic field is weak or not present, it french fries the corrupted hearts on the earth and the planet, cleansing it of the violence stored up by the broken hearted actions of men.  Here is a real time example on Sept 6th of a failing magnetic field. They say it comes from a toilet in the sky and some folks might think its poop from extraterrestrials .  They are right about one thing, there is a lot of flying BS around the globe these days:

Mystery From Above In Brooklyn As Chunks Of Ice Fall From The Sky

The next destruction of the earth and all of Cain’s Nimrod ways of man is to be done by fire.  We believe if your heart is attuned by Torah Messiah, you will stand in the fire with Yashuah and not be burned, having not so much as a sniff of smoke on your clothes.  Everyone else, the goats, will be fried.

Dec 25 to the 31st or so, Comet ISON will be almost directly overhead of the earth close to the North Pole star, Polaris.  At this point, if there was a big trail of debris from when the comet came in, earth will be going through it.

Around Jan 22nd, Comet ISON will be in alignment with Jupiter-Earth-Sun.  The ancients talked of the red hand of death.  Connecting with Jupiter and earth through ISON could draw down sulfur dioxide.  Poising life on earth in various ways.  This is a big if but it is possible.  The ancients and the understanding of His Heavens give confirmation of the possibilities.

Anyone interested in LOOKING UP for your redemption draws nigh, you should take a listen to James McCanney’s science hour once a week.  Remember, about this same time next year, COMET SIDING SPRING is coming in too.  NASA has written some scare the pants of you articles on the possibility that it could HIT Mars.  It’s interesting that two comets in two years are coming in on almost the same course towards the sun.  Abba is up to something and its up to us to see and hear.  Shalom to you all.  Todd

McCanney’s Science Hour


Subjugation As Easy As 1 – 2 – 3

The elite have a very simple plan for subjugating this country. Here is the elite’s three step plan:

1. Power grid collapse on 11/13 lasting five to seven days.

2. The banking system collapses within the blackout event  and this event will almost go unnoticed in the midst of the chaos.

3. Martial law is rolled out and all political opposition is swiftly dealt with.