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The DNA of the Lost Tribes of Israels (Parts 1A & 1B): Nitza interviews Dr. Georgina Perdomo to discuss the Etz Yoseph Project which is a growing DNA Bank for those who may be descendants from the Lost Tribes of Israel in Diaspora.

What would the ramifications be if the buried bones of Jacob and Joseph were tested for DNA and there was a match or link to the DNA of the Lost Tribes of Israel in Diaspora today?!?!?  Could it be possible to find a physical and scientific link to those in the Hebrew Roots/Messianic faith of today to the patriarchs of Israel?!!  Dr. Perdomo will also discuss the petition that is to be presented to the Israeli authorities during Sukkot 2015 requesting DNA testing from Jacob and Joseph!!!  For more info go to http://etzyoseph.org/etz-yoseph-2015/.

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