Passover is known as the “Festival of Freedom” because this festival celebrates the liberation from Egypt. Egypt is a type/shadow of the world and world system. The God of Israel redeemed His people with signs, wonders and miracles and made them a free people. The Hebrews went to bed that night as slaves but walked out of their doors the next morning as a free people. A free nation was born.

In studying the Passover and Egyptian redemption, we need to keep in mind four important principles:
*It was a historical event that actually happened.
*The events that happened to the forefathers are not only history but they are prophesies of what will happen to their future descendants. (1 Cor 10:11)
*The Egyptian redemption teaches about the Messiah and his role to redeem the nation.
*The Egyptian redemption teaches us about the Messiah and our personal redemption/salvation in Yeshua.

A key Torah principle: What happened in the historical Passover events are prophesies of what will happen in the end of days.

It was Yeshua who made covenant with Abraham. We are Abraham’s seed by faith, so the Abrahamic covenant is OUR covenant.We are heirs of the covenant that Yeshua made with Abraham. Moses is called to deliver the people OUT of Egyptian bondage BECAUSE of the covenant that Yeshua made with Abraham.

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