Rabbi Steve Berkson continues teaching us about overcoming “Beliefs, Behaviors, Attitudes and Lifestyles.” In this teaching we learn a lesson from the story of Lot in Genesis 19 and how he ‘loitered’ when he should have been running from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. We also should not be loitering around death but run to the mountain, which is a metaphor for the Torah and Yeshua. While we are fleeing we should heed the instruction given to Lot and his family to “not look back” which Lot’s wife ignored and was turned into a pillar of salt. Then we go to Matthew chapter 19 and learn the definition of “good” and that there is only One who is “good” and that He sets the standard of all that should be considered “good”. We also learn from this passage about what is really means to “follow” Messiah and be a disciple. Rabbi Steve also paints for us a word-picture of what life would have been like for those who are “put outside of the camp”, the process to be able to return to the camp and instruction for the rest of us on how to treat those who have been put outside of the camp.

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