Jackson Snyder Presents a much closer look at the disciples of Yahshua through their names, surnames, code names, nicknames and pseudonyms.  Take for instance the one we know as Simon Peter.  His full ‘gospel’ name contains a number of varieties of names – Petros Petras, Shimeon, Simon, Cephas, Kefa, bar Jonah, etc.  What more can we find out about him through these other names.  Take Andrew – Andras, Greek, means ‘a man’ – it might map to the Hebrew names Adam, Enosh, Adamyahu, and a bunch more.  Yet, his is not a Hebrew name.  It is a Greek name, meaning something like ‘the man.’ (No, you da man, etc.)  Bartholomew – bar Talmai?  “A heap of water.”  What does that mean?  Well, it means a lot if it is correctly parsed.  James and John – Zebedee’s sons – but probably not (if King David has anything to say about it).  Boanerges?  And Joseph of Arimathea – he is found many times under assumed names in Luke / Acts.  There never has been an Arimathea!  How about instead ‘Yosef Ari Matyah’?  And who was he really and where is he now?  Yes, we know where he is!  There are tons of such name games in the Scriptures, and when we are able to find the wisdom to unravel them, then we may have a more intimate look at just what kind of people Yahshua lived with and taught.  Those folks are a lot like us – no halos to speak of.   Includes the Gospel of Bartholomew.

The Vero Essene Yahad – Unity in Diversity, not Diversity in Conflict. 
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