Jackson Snyder Presents a very rare recording with emotional impact – the missionary journal of Mignon Moore Snyder (1935 – 2011) from the year 2000 (pictured in 1991).  Mignon is taping here experiences in the villages of rural Haiti, and I (Jackson) am asking for money to to go there and teach Torah.  I have two schools there, both called Jackson Snyder Mixed University.  I need to go first of 2018 to teach the teachers about the divine name, the commandments and food ordinances.  Haiti is 90% Catholic and 100% Voodoo.  The family has been working in Haiti for 50 years, and the Yahad ever since its founding.  Messianics need to make an impact there and, if you send me, I guarantee an impact.  We have teachers waiting to learn and a group that worships under a banana tree for lack of anything else.  If you call me, if you finance me, I will go.  Hear my prayer, O Father YH, and send me with the blessing of these listeners.