Jackson Snyder Presents a historical study purporting to identify Luke and Theophilus as historical characters well known in not only the Roman Empire, but also in Christian literature.  “Luke” was a name attached to the fourth gospel long after the text was discovered – this is common knowledge among Bible students.  For nowhere is someone named Luke identified as anything other than a companion of Paul in his letters.  Likewise, Theophilus has been identified with numerous people, including Josephus’ Uncle.  However, there are numerous suggestive and downright obvious clues as to who these people really are.  Are we to believe that Luke / Acts is the only book written by one with such literary style and knowledge?  We know “Luke” used Josephus’ Antiquities – too many coincidences otherwise.  We know when Acts was written by dating Josephus.  So when we look into the people around Josephus, we DO FIND PERFECT FITS for these characters in historical people who had the religion, knowledge and connections to “report all this things accurately.”  When we fit the Scripture in what we know of the history of the first century, two people just pop out – One is mentioned in Scripture and the other is the brother of another mentioned in Scripture.  But you will never guess unless you know history; for the mystery is history once again.