Jackson Snyder Presents Elder Liz McGee giving us direction on how we might free up our minds to study more objectively, yet more judicially.  This series of lectures was given at Vero Yahad Sukkot October 3rd – 10th, 2018.  Some might call Liz radical; some might say she is ‘off.’  And YES, her message is not of the status quo – it is a message to help us tear away from the current, hackneyed themes of the Hebrew Faith and consider the higher things of the Universal Faith of the Creator.  For those who say she is ‘off’ – let me ask you: Is she ‘off’ because she is a woman?  Is she ‘off’ because she is Jewish?  Is she ‘off’ because she doesn’t adhere to your stuffy or obsolete beliefs?  Take no prejudice before you here this lady.  She is an elder in the economy of YHWH – a place and position where women dare not go – dare not even be called a teacher – but fundamentalists.  If you are one, and if you are a lady – listen.  Love this neighbor.  Consider what she’s saying, the perspective that she comes from – that of being shut up by the male heirs to a religion that is spiritless and often quite dead.  No, she is not off!  She is innovative, fast, and a really honest teacher, studying always, faithful to her ministry, and earning her ordination through our noble and professional ministry.  Now give ear and ask questions are give us comments, if you will.  veroyahad@gmail.com.