Andrew Gabriel Roth – Aramaic English New Testament
Go here for more information on the Aramaic English New Testament
3   Link   Monte Judah – Lion and Lamb Ministries
Great erev Shabbat service at 5:00 p.m. West Coast time if you can’t come to Restoratoin Fellowship
4   Link   Heritage House Ministries
Heritage House Ministries Website
5   Link   Jeff Benner – Ancient Hebrew
Learn about Paleo-Hebrew
6   Link   Wyatt Museum
Bibical archeaology
7   Link   Richard Rives – Too Long in the Sun
Pagan deception, Time is the ally of deceit
8   Link   Mark Biltz – El Shaddai Ministries
9   Link   Rico Cortez – Wisdom in Torah
Rico Cortez – Wisdom in Torah
10   Link   Dani-El Rendelman – Emet Ministries
New believers’ education, Torah portions, audio library
11   Link   Jews and Joes
Great start for understanding who Christians really are as described in the Bible
12   Link   Fossilized Customs – Lew White
Outstanding, in-depth historical information about the pagan roots of Christianity
13   Link   Messianic Israel Alliance – Angus and Batya Wooten
An anchor in the Two House truth – well established and worth the look
14   Link   Shelters of Hope
Helping Israelis in the war zone build elements of saftey – support them today
15   Link   Rebecca Totilo
Timely teaching, natural oil remedies, ladies will like it. So will the gents.
16   Link   New Jerusalem Designs – Daniel & Sylvia Calderon
17   Link   Talking Torah
Jeff Gilbert – Traditions of man not welcome!
18   Link   Levites for Yeshua
The Torah and the Testimony Revealed
19   Link   In Ancient Footsteps
Ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it..Jeremiah 6:16
20   Link   Steve Berkson