Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday demanded that the Palestinian Authority condemn the terror attack in Jerusalem by three Palestinians in which Border Police officer Hadar Malka was stabbed to death.

“The Prime Minister demands that the Palestinian Authority condemn the attack and expects the international community to do so too,” a statement from his office said.

The statement came after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party condemned Israeli forces for shooting dead the three attackers.

…ISIS claims responsibility for attack

This is the first time that Islamic State have claimed responsibility for carrying out an attack on Israel soil.

BUT… Not So!

Israel Confirms Jerusalem Terrorists Were From PLO, Not ISIS

BBC apologizes for headline incitement comes from a burning building as government troops continue their assault against insurgents from the Maute group

 As the Islamic State loses territory in Iraq and Syria, fears mount that the militant group is gaining a stronghold in the Philippines and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

The Philippines has become the epicenter for the Islamic State, or ISIS, as it expands into the region where more than 60 groups have pledged allegiance to ISIS, according to the Singapore-based International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research.

ISIS is not going away. Armies cannot bomb it out of existence because this organization is like an ant hill. Disturb it and they spread out. The collateral damage from Obama’s creation of ISIS will be the coming war between Russia and U.S. because both nations are escalating their Middle East proxy wars. These will reach a fevered pitch until one or the other will strike. It won’t matter who strikes first because Russia will end it!

Lavrov: No ISIS troops in southern Syria where US deployed multiple rocket launchers

This escalation by the United States is viewed unfavorably by Russia who is not buying the “we have to attack ISIS” whine.


Russia Warns U.S. Artillery Now Positioned To Attack Syrian Government Forces

‘Cowardly terrorist attack’: 3 women killed in shopping mall blast in Bogota, Colombia


Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid praised the attack in a statement sent to the media. But he did not claim Taliban responsibility. Afghanistan is the newest proxy battleground between Russia and the U.S. The proxy was reopened by Russia who, in the last few months, has been arming the same group of people who defeated them decades ago. The Taliban did not exist at the time of Russia’s ouster, but Russia is making good use of the old axiom, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Brexit was never a particularly good idea. Now, following the most recent election, Brexit is defunct. That, at least, is what a member of Theresa May’s cabinet intimated last weekend. “In practical terms, Brexit is dead,” an unnamed minister told the Financial Times.

The Illinois official responsible for paying the state’s bills is warning that new court orders mean her office must pay out more each month than Illinois receives in revenue.

Comptroller Susana Mendoza must prioritize what gets paid as Illinois nears its third year without a state budget.

A proposed tax on imports is central to the GOP plan to lower the overall corporate tax rate. It would generate about $1 trillion over the next decade to finance the lower rates without adding to the deficit. It would also provide strong incentives for U.S.-based companies to keep their operations in the United States and perhaps persuade companies to move overseas operations to the U.S.

But the tax faces strong opposition from retailers, automakers and the oil industry, and a growing number of congressional Republicans have come out against it. They worry that it will increase the cost of imports, raising consumer prices.

Seyran Ates’ vision of a liberal mosque where all Muslims can pray together — women and men, Sunni and Shiite, straight and gay — is almost a reality, and the 54-year-old daughter of Turkish guest workers in Germany is ecstatic as she enters the light-flooded room undergoing its final touches.

“I couldn’t be more euphoric, it’s a dream come true,” Ates said with a smile as she touched the white carpet that three Turkish workers were laying out in the freshly painted room.

Over 850 LGBT Activists to Protest Christian Conference Addressing Homosexuality, Transgenderism Struggles

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