This is a DOUBLE ALBUM of 140 minutes covering the biblical identity of Joseph of Arimathea and some of the later legends.

Brother Schruumkoff Presents a most clever re-parsing of the title Arimathea to uncover another patriarch hidden behind the misinterpretation of name coming into Hebrew through Greek.  There was no place then or now known as Arimathea, but if we properly parse this title, we come up with other mentions of him in the Acts that one would not readily see.  Questions answered – Was this Joseph the actual father or adopting father of Yahshua?  Was he related or just a kind benefactor?  Why is such an important figure in NT history so marginalized, and why is the family of Yahshua in general marginalized in the Gospels?  Who actually succeeded Judas as the 12th apostle?  Who are the candidates Joseph barSabbas Justice and Matthias in Acts 1?  Who actually won the casting of the lot for that place?

Schruumkoff also evaluates the earliest non-Biblical mentions of Joseph of Arimathea.  Was he Yahshua’s great uncle?  Is he in the genealogy?  Was he a tin merchant or Roman decurio as legend tells us?  If you are interested in textual analysis and solving Bible riddles, or if you are familiar with the “Names, Surnames, Code-names, Nicknames, Appellations and Pseudonyms Game” we like to play on JSP, you will really like this one.

140 Minutes – Join the Essenes in Chattanooga for Sukkot this year!!  A few Enochian Calendars left now.

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