Jackson Snyder Presents Abiyah, a Kabbalist and Moreh ha Gadol ofd this subject, going deeper into the mysteries of Kabbalah.  Understand, we at EARTH Institute and Vero Essene Yahad do neither promote nor condemn the study or practice of mystical arts.  Personally, I (Jackson) stay away from such things.  However, the pseudo-Jewish communities we serve do not – they are looking for a deeper, more spiritual way within pseudo-Judaism.  This is NOT the way for me.  However, before we condemn something (or promote it), we must learn about it.  It is the duty of teachers to be masters of the craft and know enough to answer just about any question put to us about anything.  That is why I am promoting and taking this course myself.  Because you, teacher, rabbi, are in the need to know for your peoples’ sake, and this is why we are teaching this subject as objectively as you can.

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