Jackson Snyder Presents a caveat!!  Neither I or the Vero Essene Yahad in general promote the practice of Kabbalah!  But however we see it, it is our hope to present it rightly, for we are bound to know about it.  Liz McGee gets past the kids’ stuff and into the deeper understandings of Mysticism as a prelude to the next installment by Abiyah bein Tzion – who is a master Kabbalist and teacher.  Whether for or against, those of us who are ministers in the pseudo-Jewish community must know more than just “Madonna does it.”  The Essene Academy of Religion, Theology and History is thus making a whole-hearted attempt to give you as an objective view of the subject matter as we possibly can.  YH be with you as you study; and my Hebrew Nation Radio be mightily blessed.

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