DOUBLE ALBUM – 140 minutes – Continued in the next post.

Jackson Snyder has picked the appearances of Yahshua Messiah that are recorded in history from his journey out of Tartarus (where he proclaimed victory before the fallen angels) through AD 70 and weaved them together to form an amazing and tantalizing story.  If He ascended from Hell alive, then where was he for the next 40+ years?  Was he in Heaven?  But He was seen many times, according to the historians – on the Damascus Road, on Emmaus Road, on the Appian Way right outside Rome.  He was seen by the Galatians, by Peter, by the 500, by James and Paul.  And as though I were an untimely birth, also to me as he leads the captives from Jerusalem to safety in Pella.  This is a story we should all know well, and I am making it known to you in the best way I can – through dramatized history.

Contained in this segment are Parts 1 & 2, 140 minutes.  In the next post, the story is concluded.  But there is much more!  Perhaps someday I’ll tell it all.  But in the meantime, here is what I know – and in a fashion suitable for children and exciting enough for youth of all ages.