Ephraim & Rimona Frank, Lt. Col. Albert McCarn aka The Barking Fox

Ephraim and Rimona joined us today from Israel to talk about the Etz B’Ney Yosef conference recently held. The turn out represented 12 countries and 135 people from around the world with different understandings regarding some doctrinal issues. Yet the Father overcame these by blessing the event and the participants with His shalom. The sense of community overrode their differences and the roundtable discussions were considered quite the success. Subjects included community, education, legal issues and the financial workings within the Ephraimite community to name but a few.

Ephraim and Rimona are working on making these findings available to those interested in viewing them but as you know it takes time to organize and present so much information. Your prayers regarding this matter are greatly appreciated and you can visit www.etzbneyyosef.com which will keep you updated as to the progress. Eventually the information will be located at www.etzbneyyosef.org.

It was with gratitude and appreciation that the attendees recognized and acknowledged the greater work being done through the Ruach HaKodesh (Spirit Set Apart).

Interestingly our guest for the second hour was a participant of this same conference. Interesting because when he agreed to come on the show due to a last minute cancellation of previous guests, we were unaware of his involvement with the conference. We are of course speaking of Al McCarn who regularly blogs on his site “The Barking Fox” www.thebarkingfox.com

Al brought to our attention a very interesting article originally written by our own Bonnie Harvey. He re-posted her findings with comments of his own which was why we originally invited him on to the show. Al has had a very interesting background most notably his military training and experience. His interests as a historian and the workings of international relations make us want to pick his brain to see what he has in there for us! And gladly, he obliged! We hope you can listen in to us talking about the upcoming events of September 2015, the Israel 1967 borders, the temptation of American Exceptionalism vs citizenship of The Kingdom, some lessons in rockets and artillery and a bit more.

As always, thank you for joining us and Abba bless you as you seek His Will in your life. Teresa Casalino and Kimberly Rogers

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