We are praying that our Father will “rally the troops” and reveal those intercessors He has prepared for right now, to hunker down and pray those serious warfare prayers against our enemy, that His glory would shine forth and be revealed to all!

-Isaiah 59:12-17

-PRAISE YAH!  Roger Harvey brain cancer healed!  Tumor in his lungs, healed!

-PRAISE YAH!  Nana Joy’s brother’s prostate cancer healed!

-PRAISE YAH!  Kenny’s wife’s surgery had “best possible outcome”, and only 2 lymph nodes removed!

-We speak to J.M.’s kidneys and intestines and say “you are restored”!

-Individual requests and prayer for those with cancer.

-Raise up intercessors to pray down the principalities and powers over our cities, that many hearts would “see” and be drawn to our Father.

Thank you for joining us tonight and praying with us.  If our Father is rallying your heart to come alongside us and pray as a part of a network, please let us know by writing to intercessor@hebrewnation.net.  Bless you!