His Word Heals!  Program 11  – Praying in Agreement with His Word & the next in a series of teachings regarding the Fall Feasts.

Are the 7 trumps in Revelation the last 7 Yom Kippurs before His Millennial Reign?  We will explore this possibility and more on today’s program.  Then will will pray in agreement with His Word and each other!

His Word Heals!  This week’s prayer and entire program builds upon the foundation we have laid in the preceding programs just like His Word… precept upon precept, line upon line.  We will continue praying together in agreement with YHWH’s Word.  Whether you, yourself are in need of healing or someone you know is, please join me each week so that we can pray in unity as a body for Y’shua’s body of believers and especially for Healing for all of His people and for His Coming Kingdom!

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Blessings and Shalom!