His Word Heals!  Program 17  – Part 2 of Darkness & Prophetic Warnings at Noonday &  Then We’ll Pray in Agreement with His Word in Psalms 109!

Have you ever noticed just how many scriptures talk about darkness or calamity at noon, noonday or midday?  There are quite a few of them.  These many scriptures speaking of events or darkness at noon mostly point to pending judgement or a time of trial and change of some sort.  We started last week down our list with a short look at each of them.  There are so many we needed this week to finish up.  We will consider these noonday scriptures while keeping in mind and considering the total solar eclipse that occurred over the entire US on Aug 21.  It was about noon when it darkened the central US.  Just think back and try to make a list of all the the significant events that have taken place in the US and around the world since then.  Was Abba warning His people with this noonday darkness as so many of His scriptures do?  IS THIS DARKNESS DURING WHICH DESTRUCTION COMES ALSO PERHAPS THE SHADOW IN WHICH YHWH’s PEOPLE ARE HIDDEN UNDER HIS WINGS?  AT THE SAME TIME DARKNESS COVERS THE EARTH HIS PEOPLE WILL BE SHELTERED UNDER THE SHADOW OF HIS WINGS IF WE DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM AND LET HIS SON Y’SHUA GATHER US!  Then before we close today we will also pray, for each other, our enemies, our leaders and in agreement with YHWH’s Word in Psalms 109.

His Word Heals!  This week’s prayer and entire program builds upon the foundation we have laid in the preceding programs just like His Word… precept upon precept, line upon line.  We will continue praying together in agreement with YHWH’s Word.  Please join me each week so that we can pray in unity as a body for Y’shua’s body of believers and especially for Healing for all of His people and for His Coming Kingdom!

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Blessings and Shalom!